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A pedestrian walkway will replace a crossing of the Bilbao-Donostia line


The main object of the project is the construction of a footbridge in the Zaratamo prairie in the P.K. 7 + 607 within the work entitled "Suppression of level crossings and closure of the track between the P.K. 6 + 594 and 9 + 802 areas of the Bilbao-Donostia line".

The Derio link works will be completed in september


The regional deputy of Economic and Territorial Development of Biscay has stressed that this is a strategic node of the road network of Biscay that is used every day by 16,000 vehicles to access the airport, the technology park and the industrial parks. The complexity of the layout requires innovative engineering solutions.

This summer, the maritime station of Olatua opens Bilbao as the shipping point


One of the new features offered by the new cruise terminal of Olatua for this season is the possibility of being able to board from Bilbao on three cruises and on four different dates. The “Europa 2” ship of Hapag-Lloyd AG will make its debut with this new functionality on August 1st.?

The new passenger terminal of the Port of Bilbao, Olatua, at the front of the european ones


The new passenger terminal of the Port of Bilbao, located at the Getxo 3 cruise ship pier, has entered into operation with the arrival of the first cruise of the year, the Britannia of the P & O Cruises. The total investment made by the Port Authority of Bilbao amounts to about 6 million euros, of which 4.6 correspond to the building, one million to the gangway and 0.4 million to the urbanization

Santurtzi experiences its greatest urban revolution


The real estate operation in the area occupied by CLH and that houses the “Residencial Itsasalde” urbanization is the most important in the history of the municipality. According to El Correo newspaper, ninety owners have already registered their apartments of the first block that is being built in the old lands of CLH, where there will be the highest promotion of Social Housing in the locality.

ASK Chemicals finishes its disembarkation in Bilbao and concentrates its production at the Abra


The company sees the utility of the Biscayne Basin as a "strategic point of departure for the Southwest European market", so it will invest 10 million in its new plant in the Port of Bilbao, whose facilities the Company Vda. Of Sainz has carried out.?