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A dozen students from the first educational cycle of the higher-level system of Telecommunications and Computers of the CIFP Emilio Campuzano of Bilbao will visit the fix priced housing that Vda. Sainz is building in Santurtzi at the Itsasalde Residential complex.? 

The new building of the Urretxindorra School begins to show its facade


After completing the structure of the new facility that will cover the school places of its nearest area of influence, San Adrián and Miribilla, which cannot accommodate the current school of Urrentxindorra, the additional building, built by Vda de Sainz begins to exhibit part of its facade.

The second phase of the channeling of the Nervion-Ibizabal faces its final stretch


URA´s project, the Basque Agency of the Department of Environment and Territorial Policy of the Basque Government and executed by Vda. Sainz, the second phase of the channeling of the Nervion-Ibizabal that goes through the towns of Basauri and Galdakao is about to be finished.?

The new cruise terminal of the Port of Bilbao will place Biscay at the forefront of Europe


The design of the future terminal also provide safety and comfort, because the traveler will have to keep off the dock for access to the large ships moored at Bilbao´s dock.?"A large glass container"?.

Residential Itsasalde approaches you at the Max Center Mall in Barakaldo


On the stand, plus the staff who will inform about the apartments, you will also find brochures with infographics of the exterior and interior of the future homes, which are equipped with a modern and energy efficient design, functional layouts, enhanced with sliding doors in kitchens.

A boost for the Basque Health and for thousands of users


The Alfredo Espinosa Sanatorium of Urduliz will humanize health in Biscay and will serve thousands of users venting the burden of care in the health center of Cruces. Around 170,000 residents in 23 municipalities in the region of Uribe Kosta will go to the future health center and will be attended by 800 professionals.