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URA opens tomorrow, on Friday afternoon, the traffic over the Urbi bridge


Once the work are done, URA, the Basque Water Agency under the Department of Environment and Territorial Planning of the Basque Government, has made since last July, on Friday afternoon, November 6th, it will open the passage of vehicles through Urbi bridge, which will increase safety from the floods of Ibaizabal.

URA praises the effort of Vda. Sainz to accelerate the completion of the Urbi bridge


The director of the second phase of the Ibaizabal river Channelling that URA is carrying out between the towns of Basauri and Galdakao Alvaro San Cristobal, recognized the efforts made by Vda Sainz to finish the replacement of Urbi´s bridge, to be completed for the first week of November.

Urbis Bridge faces the final phase of its construction


The summer has been crucial to the implementation of the new bridge in Urbi, that will eliminate the risk of flooding in the Biscayne villages of Galdakao and Basauri.

It begins the foundation of the new Urbi Bridge, in the frame of the Nervion Channelling


Delivering a new term, URA has launched the operation by which it begins to put the first foundations and structure of the new Urbi Bridge, which will be completed by the end of the year.

The Urbi Bridge between Galdakao and Basauri demolished


In order to increase safety of the floods of the Ibaizabal when passing through the industrial areas of Basauri, Galdakao and Zaratamo, the replacement of this infrastructure replaces the Bridgestone viaduct in the channeling project of the Ibaizabal-Nerbioi that is carrying out the Basque Water Agency, URA.

On Service the alternative pedestrian bridge in Urbi


Aperribai ´s neighbors can use from today, Wednesday, July 22nd, the footbridge over the Ibaizabal river that will communicate Basauri with Galdakao while the works of renovation of the Urbi bridge continue.