Residencial Itsasalde: new housing estate with sea views in Santurtzi



t is dedicated to the creation, operation, maintenance and management of all types of civil and construction works, both public and private, as well as the provision of services relating to the foregoing.



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We manage projects applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to all its activities to meet all requirements..


Viuda de Sainz presents the work of waterproofing of the right watercourse trough of the dump of Art


The presentation took place at the VII Ibero-American Symposium on Waste Engineering, which was held on June 13th and 14th at the Higher Technical School of Road, Channel and Port Engineers of Santander, which was attended by the Vice-President of the Government Of Cantabria and adviser of Universities and Investigation.

The Derio link works will be completed in september


The regional deputy of Economic and Territorial Development of Biscay has stressed that this is a strategic node of the road network of Biscay that is used every day by 16,000 vehicles to access the airport, the technology park and the industrial parks. The complexity of the layout requires innovative engineering solutions.

Civil work of a new rolling mill in Sidenor Aceros especiales


The works consist n the execution of the civil work of a new rolling mill inside the facilities of Sidenor Aceros Especiales, next to the existing lamination plant.