ASK Chemicals finishes its disembarkation in Bilbao and concentrates its production at the Abra

The company sees the utility of the Biscayne Basin as a “strategic point of departure for the Southwest European market”, so it will invest 10 million in its new plant in the Port of Bilbao, whose facilities the Company Vda. Of Sainz has carried out.?

Belonging to the chemical sector and dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of products for the foundry industry, ASK Chemicals will concentrate its activities in the capital of Biscay. The transfer involves the gradual closure of the three production plants that they currently have in Cantabria, Gipuzkoa and Alava.??

An initial investment of about 5.2 million euros, which will increase to 10 when the plant is completed before 2019, will cover the project that will not conclude before 2019.??

ASK Chemical will supply the foundry industry of the adjacent countries. In Bilbao, ASK Chemical now has a privileged strategic position as a starting point for the south-western European market.