Social responsability
fundación miranda
Awarded by EITB and named “Zeu Zara EiTB” the Miranda Fundazioa Foundation has taken the prize to Solidarity competing against consolidated companies in its sector. VDA. Sainz, a company that collaborates in its project, joins the congratulations received for the award. In order to get closer to citizens, the Basque broadcaster, EITB has created a...
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Bizkaia remo Viuda Sainz
The Bizkaialde Bizkaia Foundation has recognized the work of Vda. Sainz for supporting rowing, “especially now that we are immersed in the season of this sport” according to a letter of thanks sent to the Company by the Board of the Bizkaialde project. “The collaboration of Vda. Sainz, along with other companies, helps to strengthen...
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Gora Bilbao Viuda Sainz
In order to strengthen youth sports in Biscay, in the category of futsal, the Biscayne Company has signed an agreement that reaffirms and rewrites its support to this club for the next 2016_2017season. With this agreement, both companies strengthen their ties of relationship while coincide in supporting youth and sport. They share, in this sense,...
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Led by the Telecommunications engineer of Vda. Sainz, Rafa Uria, a dozen students in the first training cycle of Superior Degree in Telecommunications System and Computer of the CIFP Emilio Campuzano of Bilbao unraveled the guts of the Social Houses and the Premium fix priced houses … … that Viuda de Sainz is carrying out...
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ibilaldi viuda sainz
The 38th edition of Ibilaldia to be held on Sunday May 29th in Durango under the slogan “Dagigun!” and the Basque Sochools of Kurutziaga and Ibaizabal, responsible for the organization, will claim the support for the FP education in Basque, as only 10% of the training cycles are taught in Basque. On Sunday, May 29th,...
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folklore viuda sainz
This weekend, Portugalete becomes the epicenter of folklore and crafts with the celebration of the XI edition of the Folklore Azoka, organized by Elai Alai. The Basque town combines folklore exhibitions with the presence of artisans of the sector and does it, among other companies, with the help of Vda. Sainz. The Fair of Luthería...
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CO2 Viuda Sainz
Bilbao has recognized companies and organizations their committed to the defense of the environment, among which is Vda. Sainz for the work to build a more sustainable Bilbao and deal with the consequences of climate change, in particular, to reduce the carbon footprint. A total of forty companies and organizations of Bilbao participated in the...
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Redblue Gora Bilbao Viuda Sainz
The National League of indoor Soccer of creation of Redblue Academies specialized in the integral formation of the basic categories has signed an agreement with the Basque club Gora Bilbao Futsal by helping to create its academy and joining the rest of educational institutions to enhance the training and practice of futsal in young categories....
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estudiantes ingeniería Viuda Sainz
Consecrating its line of training the future generations of engineers, and print their passion for engineering, on Thursday, March 17th, Vda. Sainz organized an educational workshop on the building of the second classroom building for the Urretxindorra School, with capacity for three school lines. Both students and teachers left “excited”. Both the Professor of the...
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construcción educación
Backbone of work for generations, Vda. Sainz takes a big leap in its career and narrows its ties with Education in the Basque Country. Its commitment is now embodied in the construction of the extension of the Urretxindorra School to meet the growing demand for scholars in Bilbao. Step by Step; first, showing its works...
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