Commitment with the environment

Our commitment with the environment is permanent. Therefore, we want to create a space to keep you informed about the progresses in sustainability.

In Viuda de Sainz, we move parallel to the society in shelter within it a greater commitment with the environment and a judiciary that deals with an increasing zeal the legislation in this regard. In this new scenario, new global partnerships to overcome environmental strategies of the past century are forged.

The economic structure is not far behind. Organizations face this challenge with limited resources where the proper management of the potential environmental impacts of their processes is key to achieving the objectives and minimize its consequences, a task in which Viuda de Sainz is involved.

The environment has become part of the heritage of the values commonly accepted by our society. In fact, it is one of the few legal rights that the Spanish Constitution expressly mentions as an object of protection and guardianship, even in the criminal proceedings.