viuda sainz nocturno

Corporate responsability

At Viuda de Sainz we are aware of our capacity to generate value as an essential element of economic and social development in our community. A characteristic that we are proud of and share, linking us to numerous initiatives that promote the defense of human rights, equality, inclusion, solidarity, culture, sports… Because in Viuda de Sainz we are committed to our environment and, especially, with the most important thing: people.

Equality Plan

Viuda de Sainz, to promote the reconciliation of work and family life of working people and ensure effective equality of men and women has implemented in their organization a PLAN OF EQUALITY.

Healthy business management model

The commitment of Viuda de Sainz to health, safety and well-being, including the balance between personal and work life, is a priority and one of the basic pillars of value propositions for people.

That is why he has implemented the Healthy Business Management Model in his organization.