At Viuda de Sainz we are aware of our capacity to generate value as an essential element for the economic and social development of our community. A characteristic we are proud of and share by engaging in numerous initiatives to promote people’s well-being, equality, inclusion, solidarity, culture, sport, training… Because at Viuda de Sainz we are committed to our environment and, especially, to the most important thing: people.

Promoting culture

Basque folklore and our support to Basque language are the main channels through which we fulfil our commitment to culture.
We carry out this collaboration in a proactive manner by supporting various initiatives.

Cultural events in different municipalities
Portugalete Folklore Festival

Promoting sport

Sport is a personal development factor in our society. Thus, we support various sport-related initiatives whose value-based performance contributes to individual and collective well-being.
We collaborate with exciting projects which strengthen aspects such as self-improvement, respect, responsibility, tolerance… This is the power of sport.

Bizkaia Bikaialde Foundation
Athletic Club Foundation
Gora Bilbao
Herri Kirolak
Swimmer Andrea de la Hera
Men’s and women’s Rowing
Men´s and women’s Cycling
Sokatira Mundiala Sponsors

Promoting social initiatives

Care for the Elderly

Aware of the value of fostering attitudes of commitment and solidarity with the elderly, the company has implemented initiatives aimed at caring for the elderly.

Collaboration with Miranda Foundation

Social Inclusion

At Viuda de Sainz we support different associations, thus meeting our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

An example of this is our collaboration with Haszten Association, a social initiative which fosters and promotes the inclusion of children with functional diversity in Bizkaia through the values of sport. More than 150 sportspeople and their families take part in their programmes to help achieve a more caring and adapted society.

Haszten Association

Youth Training

In addition to the classroom, training young people also involves onsite learning. To be able to appreciate the reality of the knowledge acquired. To come into contact and become acquainted with what their work will be like in the near future.
At Viuda de Sainz we actively collaborate with Universities and Vocational Training Centres by organizing training sessions on our construction sites.

Equality Plan

Another aspect of our Corporate Social Responsibility related to people is effective equal opportunities for men and women.
We want this issue to form part of the values of our organization, of our culture as a company, and help all those who work at Viuda de Sainz to reconcile work and family life.
To this end, we have prepared an Equality Plan which comprises an analysis of the current situation, a diagnosis of the existing inequalities and a schedule of actions to be implemented in order to achieve the final goal. An ambitious and forward-looking plan with important objectives.


Commitment to equality between women and men

A healthy company

At Viuda de Sainz we have reached an important objective for the whole organization. We have been recognized as a Healthy Company according to AENOR Model. This certificate is the result of the effort and commitment of all those who make up Viuda de Sainz to achieve a company involved in health care and well-being at work.

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