obras viuda sainz

The best asset are the People

A multidisciplinary staff with the guarantee of continuous training and personal and professional development is one of the pillars on which the activity of Vda de Sainz is based.

Viuda de Sainz offers its customers the experience and ability of a multidisciplinary team of first order, composed of highly qualified professionals.

Some key principles that govern the corporate policies of the Human Resources of Viuda de Sainz are based on the following actions:

  • To attract, retain and motivate talented people.
  • Promoting teamwork and quality control as tools to promote the excellence of the well done work.
  • Acting quickly, promoting the assumption of responsibilities and minimizing bureaucracy.
  • Supporting and increasing training and learning.
  • Innovating to improve processes, products and services.
  • Encourage sensitivity about job security and promote policies at work.