Construction and Education, a very solid binomial

Backbone of work for generations, Vda. Sainz takes a big leap in its career and narrows its ties with Education in the Basque Country. Its commitment is now embodied in the construction of the extension of the Urretxindorra School to meet the growing demand for scholars in Bilbao.

Step by Step; first, showing its works to the future engineers and to the construction professionals (relationship that strengthens), and today, our company creates a building to meet the needs of the Teaching Cooperative URRETXINDORRA IKASTOLA.

In view of the demographic trends in its closest area of influence, Miribilla and San Adrián, the Centre is seeing increasing year after year the demand for school places and has proposed opening a third line, which will be located in the building that Vda is building. A young society

The population increase in Bilbao´s neighborhood of Miribilla has been occurring mainly in the segment of young neighbors, creating family units of childbearing age. This situation leads to a population distribution with high percentage of children who begin their school career from the first levels of elementary school.

After finding this reality, the management of the School has requested and obtained from the Department of Education of the Basque Government the authorization to enable the third line of the gradual restructuring of the school facilities, to full implementation of the new line at all levels or courses. The first step to take, which takes place at this time and will be completed in early 2017, involves the construction of a new school building that allows the initiation of the enlargement process and once completed, it will provisionally avail classrooms or levels to be restructured at the old facilities to provide global response to the new distribution of educational levels.

The project has spaces for six courses, with three lines per course, i.e., 18 classrooms, so three classrooms for splits and three for support activities or pedagogical support will be needed. Instead of a multipurpose hall, it will house an auditorium, classroom, theater, music room and another room for plastic activities, so the School considers that the set meets the minimum requirements of a multipurpose classroom.

The management offices and administration are located on the ground floor of the old building of the School.To ensure the control of each of the floors of the new building, there are provided two teacher zones, one on each floor. One of them is sufficient to accommodate all faculty size and will be a Room for teachers, and on the first floor, it has been provided a lower dimensional space, to receive parents or perform coordination tasks or making together of smaller groups.

Thus, the presence of teachers in both plants is ensured.The new Centre on each floor has two core services located at the ends of the building.And something very important for young users of the future facilities: There are several playgrounds in the School. The construction of the new building has not reduced the area planted to court with respect to the existing one, since under the building a covered patio is created, and both the commercial area adjacent and on the new primary center, the covers are intended to playground and area of orchards and gardens respectively. Therefore, the surface has not only not been reduced but it has been increased in the cover of the primary Centre.

And finally, the School has provided a unique library located in the existing building and that it will be shared by the students of primary and secondary education.