Investment in sports and prosperity of the territory

There are two strands that run transversely and feed off each other: on one hand, the promotion of sport with the financial support to sports organizations of Biscay, so they can have access to the highest competitive level and, secondly, the coordinated support between different institutions for the economic promotion of Biscay.

VDA. Sainz is being supporting this dual strategy with its collaboration with Bizkaialde, a foundation that by initiative of the Provincial Council of Biscay was born 16 years ago to facilitate the effective support that the Biscayne sport teams and clubs need, who compete in the elite, aiming to strengthen and guarantee their participation at the highest competitive level.

The ones that receive the support of Bizkaialde are, in this sense, the Biscayne sport clubs that have got to compete at the highest level. That is, they have reached the qualifying of “Biscayne Elite” team and whose promotion can be seen truncated by the lack of economic availability of the reference club of the region.

They are clubs whose elite teams have, therefore, year after year, the need to go to the institutions and the private sponsorship of different sport brands in order to face their competitive seasons.

Constant collaboration

Here comes in the philosophy of Vda. Sainz, who founded on a constant work and altruistic collaboration, combined with its essence, construction, and that is being carrying out for decades.

With painstaking care not to corner any economic sector concerned of the Biscayne society, it strives to rally support the entities that for its public or more chimeric objectives require external aid.

And in order that these actors experience as few hardships in the field of welfare, education or sport, has been chaining collaborations: from a local football team as the Gora Bilbao to the Miranda Foundation that oversees the health of the most disadvantaged elderly people, through schools as the CIFP Emilio Campuzano of Bilbao and the Basque Country University, which teach the future professionals; contributions that enhance the promotion of Biscay.