Projects for the students of the Basque Country University

The students of the Degree in Civil Engineering of the Basque Country University will have available on 2015/16 the works that Viuda de Sainz is carrying out in Biscay.

With this collaboration, recently formalized between the construction company and the principals of academic studies of the Basque institution, the future engineers will be able to check in-situ the knowledge acquired during their studies, as has already happened with their recent visit to the work of Itsasalde Residential in Santurtzi.

More than twenty students in the final year of the Degree in Civil Engineering of the Basque Public University followed carefully the explanations of the project managers that Viuda de Sainz is carrying out in the former grounds of the CLH, and that is part of another much more complex and ambitious work consisting of the regeneration of Santurtzi and provide a large widening of the Port.

The idea of visiting Itsasalde Residential born from the University, particularly from the Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Marcos Uriarte, who saw in the work a great educational niche for its uniqueness and complexity.

The apartment blocks that is carrying out Itsasalde Residencial in solitary priced and VPO houses are in very specific phases so that students can contrast the knowledge acquired during the lectures as they are aspects of foundations, structure, closures, installations, geology, stakeout …

The work manager Ibon Regilón, led the meeting with the Basque Country University accompanied by other project managers of Viuda de Sainz, who explained all the technical details of Itsasalde Residential and that by the comments made on site by thefuture engineers, helped them to better understand the subjects of the degree.