Recycling Congress

Viuda de Sainz has participated in the first International Congress on Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) Recycling.

This congress was held at the Eduardo Torroja Institute, in Madrid, with the motto For a sustainable circular economy in construction”. A commitment of our entire organization aligned with our Corporate Social Responsibility.

The aim of the Congress was the dissemination of knowledge at the international level for the correct management of CDW and the efficient and viable use of recycled materials, presenting the most relevant experiences as well as the current tools, both legal tools to control CDW management as well as standards to regulate the use and application of recycled aggregates. 

Nowadays, CDW, due to its large volume of production, impact on the environment and easy recycling, is one of the five priority sectors in the EU for a circular economy, where the construction sector as well as the stakeholders refer their proposals towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly models.

The circular economy for CDW demands a change of paradigm. This includes ecodesign in projects, deconstruction, selection at origin, recycling as well as the use of aggregates and recycled materials, which must address new challenges and opportunities in the forthcoming years.


In this regard, the construction sector is undoubtedly evolving towards sustainability criteria, with special respect for and commitment to the environment; this means that the correct management of CDW directly contributes not only to preventing its being deposited in dumping sites or sanitary landfills, but also, through its valorisation and recycling, to saving in the extraction of natural resources.

congreso reciclaje

congreso reciclaje

congreso reciclaje