Thanks to Vda. Sainz for moving Biscay up on the rowing podium

The Bizkaialde Bizkaia Foundation has recognized the work of Vda. Sainz for supporting rowing, “especially now that we are immersed in the season of this sport” according to a letter of thanks sent to the Company by the Board of the Bizkaialde project.

“The collaboration of Vda. Sainz, along with other companies, helps to strengthen the link with cultural and sporting roots of the Territory through a promotional campaign of our Biscayne rowing clubs,” remarks the deputy of Basque and culture, Lorea Bilbao that undersigned the letter.

The support of the sponsors, collaborators and Media Partners, will allow, in this way, that the Bizkaia Bizkaialde Foundation to be present in the races to be held throughout the historical territory of Biscay during this summer.

Here you have the schedule of the races organized by the Bizkaialde Clubs, in case anyone want to come over:

2016.07.03 XXXIII Petronor Flag (Zierbena)
2016.07.08 VIII Ambilamp Flag (Portugalete
2016.08.28 XXXV Noble Villa Portugalete Flag (Portugalete)
2016.09.17 Bermeo Hiriko XXXIV Flag (Bermeo).