The Derio link works will be completed in september

The regional deputy of Economic and Territorial Development of Biscay has stressed that this is a strategic node of the road network of Biscay that is used every day by 16,000 vehicles to access the airport, the technology park and the industrial parks. The complexity of the layout requires innovative engineering solutions.

The deputy of Economic and Territorial Development has ensured that the works that Viuda de Sainz is carrying out to condition the connection of the N-637 with the N-633 and the BI-737, direction Rontegi-Mungia, the link of Derio, will be finalized in September.

Imanol Pradales has made the announcement during a visit to the work, which started a year and a half ago to provide traffic flow to this strategic junction of the road network of Biscay, which 16,000 vehicles use it each day to travel to the airport, The Technology Park and industrial parks.

“This action involves an investment of nearly 7 million euros, and we hope that it will improve the day to day of many drivers, people who are moving through this corridor to go and come back from work and to the airport this summer”, has explained the Regional Deputy. In order to achieve this, a second lane is being made available which will give greater fluidity to the traffic to the airport and the park and, in turn, relieve the congestion of the Txorierri corridor.

The conditioning of this connection is a work not without complexity that has had two milestones: the first of them was the excavation of a lower passage in Holy Week. And the second is the demolition of this pile that supports the viaduct to gain a second lane. A work that obliges to solve with engineering solutions the complexity of the route and that forms part of the battery of projects of the Didsarea plan of the Regional Goverment of Biscay to improve, modernize and make even safer the roads.