The expansion of the Ikastola Urretxindorra, a project about to become reality

The future annex of the school of Bilbao´s neighborhood of Miribilla-San Adrián is almost ready and will be operational in early 2017. Its objective is to meet the demand of hundreds of schoolchildren of all ages, although it will be progressively implemented: First the youngest students, to cover all the courses.

It will also include a space for sport uses and a flat roof that is being fitted for horticulture and outdoor gardening practices, as well as modern classrooms to meet all the needs of children and school. All this ensures that many years will pass before the property becomes obsolete.

The Urretxindorra Ikastola, in the neighborhood of San Adrián, is one of the flagships of Vda. De Sainz, for its commitment to teaching and future professionals. In the development of its construction, our company has worked along with BAT Arquitectura and DIMArk, a company specialized in the design and calculation of structures, which is accustomed to adopting very innovative solutions such as the one that has projected for the new building of the aulario of the Urretxindorra Ikastola.

The current center that will be completed with this new infrastructure is seeing year after year the increasing demand for school places and has proposed the opening of a third line, which will be located in the new building under construction.

The population increase entails a distribution with a high percentage of children who begin their school career from the first level of day care with the need for a third school path, which involves the progressive restructuring of school facilities, until the total implementation of the new line in all levels or courses.


The planned number of floors includes a ground floor for use of a sport court covered with a height of approximately ten meters, whose upper floor is coincident with that of the roof of the commercial premises being built in parallel. On this plant for sport uses, two other classrooms and services are being carried out and the flat roof that is being conditioned for practices of horticulture and outdoor gardening.

Needs covered

The new school building also emerges as a solution to a number of current needs of the ikastola, such as the absence of a protected sport court, and as a future project for the implementation of the third line of education from the elementary level.

Therefore, it should play a role of wildcard at first, once built but as long as the works of rehabilitation and restructuring of the current facilities are not carried out, finally, they will be dedicated to the primary cycle, once in service.

The future educational equipment has spaces for six courses, with three lines per course, that is, 18 classrooms, which will require three classrooms for unfolding and another three for support activities or pedagogical reinforcement.

Instead of a multipurpose room, it will house a very versatile function room, theater room, music room and another classroom for plastic activities, so the Ikastola considers that the set exceeds the minimum requirements of a multipurpose classroom.

The offices of management and administration are located on the ground floor of the old building of the Ikastola.

To ensure the control of each of the plants of the new building, two areas of teachers are planned, one on each floor. One of them is of sufficient size to accommodate all teachers and will be an educators’ room, and on the first floor a smaller space has been arranged to receive parents and to coordinate or set up In common for smaller groups.