The Urretxindorra School, our commitment with progress and quality teaching

The Urretxindorra School, in the district of San Adrian, one of the flagships of Vda. Sainz, for its commitment with teaching and future professionals, is ending its facilities and about to start carpentry. It also starts the finishing phase of the facade.

VDA. Sainz continues in this manner at the pace set in the school project of Urretxindorra for the new equipment to be operational in 2017 and is in a position to cover the school places in its closest area of influence, Miribilla and San Adrián that cannot accommodate the current ikastola.?

The current center that will complete the new infrastructure is seeing increasing year after year the demand for school places and has proposed opening a third line, which will be located in the new building under construction with BAT Architecture and Dimark, a company specialized in the design and calculation of structures, which is used to take highly innovative solutions as that designed for the new building of the Ikastola.

Instead of a multipurpose hall, it will house a very versatile Hall, a theater classroom, a music classroom and another classroom for plastic activities, so the Ikastola considers that the new set has all the minimum requirements of a multipurpose classroom.

The management and administration offices are located on the ground floor of the old building of the Ikastola.

To ensure control of each of the floors of the new building, there will be two teacher zones, one on each floor.

One of them is sufficient to accommodate all the teachers and it will be a living-hall for educators itself, and on the first floor, it has been provided a lower dimensional space, to receive parents or perform coordination tasks for smaller groups.

Thus, the presence of teachers in both floors is ensured. The future infrastructure has on each floor two service centers located in both ends of the building.