Ura and the plant of Bridgestone in Basauri will carry out a repopulation of the Ibaizabal river

About 30 workers of Bridgestone and their relatives will plant six species of trees and shrubs on the stretch near the factory to repopulate the area and within the framework of the work that is being carried out by Vda. de Sainz, the second phase of the channeling of Nerbioi Ibaizabal.

The plant of Bridgestone in Basauri and the Basque Water Agency (URA) have this year proposed themselves to give the Ibaizabal riverbed a more natural appearance in a broad project that seeks to change the current image of the river, after the recent improvements in the river with the channeling of the Nervión- Ibaizabal carried out by URA.

The first step will take place on Saturday, January 21st from 11:30 hours in front of the facilities of the Bridgestone´s factory in Basauri (Urbi neighborhood), where around fifty workers with their respective children and technicians of URA, will repopulate a section of the Ibaizabal river with various species of trees and shrubs of riverside vegetation (alders, ash trees, willows, purple willows…).

The director of the plant of Bridgestone in Basauri, Gorka Díez, considers these initiatives to be relevant since, he says, “they serve to raise awareness of the importance of a sustainable development of our environment that safeguards its biodiversity.

“During this nature day, those involved will be able to benefit from a specialized training in planting given by URA´s technicians, receiving knowledge, in addition, about the species of their environment.The world’s leading tire manufacturing company already carries out such corporate social responsibility initiatives in other factories, such as Burgos, where it carries out, annually, a repopulation with 200 trees in the forest of Revenga.