URA praises the effort of Vda. Sainz to accelerate the completion of the Urbi bridge

The director of the second phase of the Ibaizabal river Channelling that URA is carrying out between the towns of Basauri and Galdakao Alvaro San Cristobal, recognized the efforts made by Vda Sainz to finish the replacement of Urbi´s bridge, to be completed for the first week of November.

San Cristobal was speaking in the context of the visit by fifty students from 3rd year of Degree of Civil Engineering, that the Basque Country University teaches at the School of Mining Engineering and Public Works, for the works of 2nd phase of the channeling of the Ibaizabal river, which URA, the Basque Water Agency of the Basque Government, carries out on the stretch Urbi-Bengoetxe between Galdakao and Basauri.??

The visit is part of the new line of action that Vda Sainz is implementing to share with the future professionals their skills, projects and know how, and that according to Marcos Larrauri, professor of the Basque Country University, “allows comparing the theory of bridge structures and assembly methods with the solutions in the channeling of the Ibaizabal and for the group of students it has been a complementary expertise of the knowledge imparted in the School “.??

The director of the work of URA, meanwhile, referred to the conclusion on November 12th of the Mercadona Supermarket in Basauri adjoining to Urbi´s Bridge, viaduct that give access to the future mall, to emphasize that Vda made great efforts “to finish on time” and to facilitate access of users, who will also have a pedestrian walk.??Description of work of the bridge??Urbi´s Bridge had two pillars inside the riverbed, diverted relative to the direction of the current, which was a major obstacle to the passage of water.

It is being replaced by a viaduct with two pillars located parallel to the direction of the flow, with three spans formed by beams.??The central opening is formed by two beams of 25,60 m length and the lateral compartments with a beam of 11.44 m and a length of 13.67 m each to compensate the skew of the pillars to the axis of bridge. The two abutments are newly built, of concrete mass, to achieve sufficient stability and allow the demolition of the current board with sufficient security.