Vda. Sainz promotes the welfare of our elders

Aware of the value that has nowadays to promote attitudes of commitment and solidarity with the people at risk or fragility, and in particular with the elderly, the construction company has launched a partnership with the Miranda Foundation, dedicated to the care the most disadvantaged elderly of Barakaldo.

Both Vda. Sainz and the Miranda Foundation thus demonstrate that share principles based on achieving higher levels of quality, improvement, progress and humanity in the immediate present, destined to continue in the future. They are also aware of the important role of any institution in our society.

The partnership signed with Miranda Foundation, Vda. sainz recognizes, meanwhile, the growing importance of these institutions to develop a work of incalculable weight and persist through donations and sponsorships.

The Miranda Foundation is an institution of deep social significance with more than one hundred years of solidarity career. Its staff manages a Specialized Care Center for elder people providing individualized, comprehensive and continuous attention to residents and their families, based on the Person-Centered Care.

With this new contribution, Vda Sainz also reinforces its supportive spirit to make its resources available to both sectors of the population very sensitive as they require more help: young students, who soon will find their way in the workplace, and older persons with special care needs.

The support and guidance provided to students is being materializing in the visits to the works that Vda Sainz carries out. In this way, it puts all their resources, experience, professional knowledge and available to the students in a completely altruistic way. To date, it has collaborated with students from the Grade of Engineering of the Basque Country University and the degree in Civil Engineering from the CIFP Emilio Campuzano of Bilbao. However, the intention is to strengthen the construction of this educational policy.

The Miranda Foundation

The creation of the Miranda Foundation, in the early twentieth century, meant not only an admirable gesture of real solidarity, but also a milestone in the field of care for people.

Its birth was the result of a committed, unusual and innovative idea, and its more than 100 years of history have not been less. The Miranda Foundation has been able to meet the very different avatars conforming and anticipating changes, specializing in new challenges of care for older people.