VDA. Sainz renews its commitment with the Gora Bilbao futsal Club

In order to strengthen youth sports in Biscay, in the category of futsal, the Biscayne Company has signed an agreement that reaffirms and rewrites its support to this club for the next 2016_2017season.

With this agreement, both companies strengthen their ties of relationship while coincide in supporting youth and sport. They share, in this sense, their vocation and commitment to future and ambitious projects, with common values such as know-how and hard teamwork. In short, they support the grassroots sport.

The collaboration will begin to materialize with the start of the training camp in September. After the delivery of the sports equipment to the various teams, it will be the joint practice of all the teams.

In addition, our company has another dual function: it drives the new Redblue Gora Bilbao Academy, the first in the Basque Country. The LNFS that creates the Redblue Academies specialized in the integral formation of the basic categories has signed an agreement with the Basque club, Gora Bilbao Futsal by helping them to build its academy.

This is the first one of the Basque Country, an area of great tradition and love for Futsal and the nineteenth Academy and with the help of LNFS allows the union with other educational institutions to strengthen training and playing futsal in basic categories.

VDA. Sainz, that has been working all over last season with the Gora Bilbao club, feels proud of this new development, the success achieved and continues by providing its full support to improve the sports fabric of our territory.

In the words of the President of Gora Bilbao, “the RED BLUE Gora Bilbao Academy first looks to form good people and in those good people good players, who mostly have fun practicing their favorite sport”, a philosophy that shares the objectives of the project promoted by the LNFS, among which the promotion of sport as an educational vehicle and school of life.

Javier Lozano, president of the LNFS, stressed the importance of this new milestone in the RedBlue project. “It’s an excellent new that the RedBlue and this training project comes to Bilbao and the Basque Country with Gora Bilbao: there is traditionally many fans in this area and there are thousands of practitioners of Futsal throughout the community.