VDA. Sainz renews the illusion of the engineering students for their working future

Consecrating its line of training the future generations of engineers, and print their passion for engineering, on Thursday, March 17th, Vda. Sainz organized an educational workshop on the building of the second classroom building for the Urretxindorra School, with capacity for three school lines. Both students and teachers left “excited”.

Both the Professor of the Basque Country University, Marcos Uriarte, who accompanied the students of 2nd year of the Degree in Civil Engineering, as themselves, ended “excited” for the visit to the extension of the Urretxindorrra School, that will add 18 new classrooms, spread over two floors, and three recreation areas, sport and recreation, along with the services of a school.

With these visits to their works promoted by Vda. Sainz, the kids leave the physical and theoretical level of the classrooms of the University and in this case, they sneak into the classrooms of the future teaching building for primary, secondary and Bachelor.

During the day, the future engineers found that what they really see in class is useful and left the work with more desire to study to apply their knowledge in the field.

The visit to the site consisted of two parts. In the first one, a video that showed the main technical aspects of the enlargement by the architect Diego Martin Saiz, of the company Dimark Structure in the Architecture. In the project it also took part members of Arruti Architects and BAT Architecture.

In the screening, the director of the School, Mikel Ayesta, argued before the 45 students present that the new building responds to demographic changes in the area of influence of the school, Miribilla and San Adrián, and therefore the need to attend a population distribution with high percentage of children who begin their school career from the first levels.

Javier Elorduy, manager of VDA sainz., also contributed to the explanation of the projection of the construction method chosen, very innovative and unusual in civil works, which brings great benefits to the project as they are greater execution speed of the work, and greater assurance of quality and safety.

After this screening, it conducted a visit of one hour through the expansion work, with managers of Vda. Sainz and members of the management of the school.

The whole visit, the projection and the visit itself found it very interesting and advanced knowledge, as acknowledged by the professor of the Basque Country University, Marcos Uriarte, who accompanied them.

Both students and teachers were also very comfortable and well looked after by the staff of Vda. Sainz in general, which becomes to pay a second visit when the new building is more advanced.

Thus Vda. Sainz printed again in future engineers their passion for their future employment, an activity that will deepen to strengthen its relationship with the world of teaching.