Viuda de Sainz involved in “the work of the century in Bilbao”

On May 14 gave the work to start opening Deusto Canal and the construction of the new bridge linking Deusto and Zorrotzaurre. With an investment of nearly 21 million euros, the works consist of excavating 365,000 cubic meters of earth, an amount that would take the entire surface of San Mames in a building of 17 floors.

These two performances, to be held jointly and whose execution time is 16 months, will be carried out by the joint venture formed by Exbasa, Widow of Sainz and Urssa Balzola.

“Bilbao will not be the same again.” With this message the owner tore the appearance of Works and Services, Jose Luis Sabas, on the proposed opening of the Canal de Deusto. The work, which aims to reduce the risk of flooding, the first step will create a new window of opportunity in the village recalled Sabas.

Project Description

The plan for the creation of the island of Zorrozaurre consist basically in the construction of two new parallel rows of riverside quays (533 meters on the north shore and 369 meters on the south bank) spaced 75 meters, for which installed 600 piles. Provide canal excavation in this area to a depth of between 5 and 5.5 meters and will draw some 365,000 m3 of land that will be removed in boats and trucks bound, according to their degree of contamination, the expansion of the Port of Bilbao Exterior Open or approved landfills.

?The new bridge, which will be 75 meters long and 28 half-width, linking the island with Deusto (up to the clinic Zorrotzaurre IMQ). Have four vehicle lanes, two in each direction, and sidewalks on both sides, one of them equipped with bidegorri. Phases of the work ?The estimated construction schedule indicates that the first month will be used to perform addition of fencing work, the deviations of certain services (especially gas and electricity) to allow supply to keep giving Zorrotzaurre during construction, and temporary diversion the road with IMQ Clinic, which will ensure the possibility of initiating the north bridge abutment in Deusto without traffic conditions occur.

?Later will come the most complex phase of the works, with about 9 months, in which all of the new bridge will be built and most of the excavation is made. Before this, transverse rows of metal piles at both ends of the channel to their knees to ensure that no water flows will occur from the estuary or channel to the excavation area.

In the penultimate stage, which will run for three months, he will continue to execute the place that could not be done in the previous phase because of its proximity to road service in previous phases. That is, the piles and excavation (excluding ridges) will be completed. In the last phase of 3 months, digging extreme sea ridges and final excavation is performed. Finally, the piles so that water entry will, thus producing the final conversion Zorrotzaurre island will be removed.