Viuda de Sainz, recognized for its commitment to reducing workplace accidents

Muprespa has granted Viuda de Sainz with the Bonus 2012 for its efforts in improving the conditions in its workplace.

Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE On June 8th, the Mutual Collaborating with the Fraternity-Muprespa Social Security held in Bilbao an act framed in the provincial days of Bonus 2012 recognition for companies committed to the reduction of workplace accidents and prevention of occupational hazards, regulated by the 404/2010. D Royal Decree.

In the event, the manager of Fraternity-Muprespa, Carlos Aranda Martin, the director of the Fraternity-Muprespa General Organization and Network, Natalia Fernández Laviada, the Fraternity -Muprespa Regional Director for the north area, Jose Ignacio Diaz Lucas, were present and the director of the National Verification Center of the National Institute of Machinery and Safety at Work, Alejo Fraile Cantalejo, who spoke before the audience a presentation entitled “20 years of the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks. A Look to the future”.