We open traffic to knowledge and circulation around Itsasalde Residential

A dozen students from the first educational cycle of the higher-level system of Telecommunications and Computers of the CIFP Emilio Campuzano of Bilbao will visit the fix priced housing that Vda. Sainz is building in Santurtzi at the Itsasalde Residential complex.

In the second visit of the CIFP Emilio Campuzano to Itsasalde Residential, which will take place on Friday May 27th from 10 h., Students will focus on the electrical system that is being installed in the fix priced houses in the first building under construction that will be followed by another eighty fix priced houses.

The fix priced houses are part of Itsasalde Residential housing development, which integrates one hundred Social Housing.

In fact, It has already been opened the Iparraguirre and Regales Avenues for receiving the AOR 402 urbanization sector of Santurtzi; a first step for the delivery of the first 111 Social Houses of Itsasalde Residential, to be held shortly.